Plattsburgh (518) 561-3380
  Potsdam (315) 267-6588
  • Plattsburgh, NY - 81 Brinkerhoff St 12901
  • Potsdam, New York - 15 Pierrepont Ave. 13676
  • (518) 561-3380 | Plattsburgh, NY - 81 Brinkerhoff St
  • (315) 267-6588 | Potsdam, New York - 15 Pierrepont Ave.

Meet The Team

Karen, Office Manager

You will most likely see Karen sitting at the reception desk during your visits. She acts as the treatment coordinator and office manager and will be your contact for most insurance questions, payments & contracts, and pretty much everything else that is not clinical. Three of her top strengths are ‘Ideation’, ‘Futuristic’, and ‘Learner’. Karen has lots of interests and her quest for learning has led to 3 different college degrees. She has been a teacher, an entrepreneur, full time mother and house maker which, of course, included volunteer work. When she gave up her local quilting club during the time when her children were toddlers she was given some advice that she has taken to heart, “You don’t have to do everything in life at the same time. Even if you give something up for a while, you can always come back to it later if you want to.” And so, in trading one interest for another, she studied to become a software programmer and worked in the computer industry for several years before changing hats once again to help manage the practice.

Office Locations

  • Plattsburgh
  • 81 Brinkerhoff St
  • Plattsburgh, NY
  • 12901
  • Map & Directions
  • Call: (518) 561-3380
  • Potsdam
  • 15 Pierrepont Ave.
  • Potsdam, New York
  • 13676
  • Map & Directions
  • Call: (315) 267-6588

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