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If you have braces, you know how important it is to properly and effectively clean and care for your smile and appliance during treatment. It’s important because food particles, plaque and bacteria tend to gather around the teeth, gums and braces and threaten to harm and damage your smile and even negatively affect your orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontist, Dr. Bob Agnetta, strongly encourages you to keep up on oral hygiene regularly and keep your smile and braces clean during treatment.

Now, if you’re like many others, you find flossing very difficult. This is because the braces get in the way and create small, hard-to-clean areas on the smile. Well, Dr. Agnetta has some good news for you: There are things you can do to make flossing easier. Those things are:

-Use waxed floss: Waxed floss helps because it’s easier to maneuver around the smile and braces compared to other types of floss. The waxy coating helps the floss slide into smaller and tighter spaces of the teeth, gums and appliance without breaking easily.

-Use floss threaders: Floss threaders help you thread the floss under the wire of your braces. It is a loop-shaped tool that pulls the floss into place quickly. This can reduce the time it takes to floss your teeth and it can reduce the inconveniences when trying to thread the floss under the wires on your own.

-Use a water flosser: A water flosser can wash your smile and braces without having to use floss! It’s a wand that is connected to a water tank. The wand sprays water from its tip at your desired pressure. All you need to do is place the tip in the crevices between the teeth and spray. The water should remove the plaque, food particles, bacteria and other harmful substances that are there.

Try to use these tips to make flossing more convenient and effective! Because remember, flossing is very important for your smile, oral health and even your orthodontic journey. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more, please call Potsdam Orthodontics at 315-267-6588. Our orthodontic team is happy to help you in any way we can!